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[sticky post] Welcome to my Livejournal

A few quick notes on this journal:

1.   It will mostly contain art and fanart. Actually more like "only" unless I start writing ^^

2.    My journal is not f-locked. EXECPT!: n-17 entries will be locked after 2-3 days.

3.    I do take requests. I cannot promise that I will eventually do them, that depends on how they inspire me.

4.  Do comment, I enjoy talking to people, you can also ask me things if you want, I won't bite ^^

5.   If you can, make sure to check out my DA, you'll get to it through pictures.

Twitter: @LeeBbeunee33

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[Fanfic] Surrender

Title: Surrender
Author: changminie
Pairing: YunJae
rating:PG-13.. it's pretty basic, right?
Warning:ehm none?
Genre: I am not sure.. a little bit angst and some romance.
Summary: Kim Jaejoong is flooded with feelings when his armor comes crashing down the moment he answers the door.

A/N: PLEASE READ! …. Erhm… so.. yeah… I’m not… you know… used to writing and stuff? I usually do drawings and fanart and fanarts of fanfics. But I was listening to a song I really like which has this beautiful beautiful line in it and… it basically made me spill this out of my mind. Please keep in mind that I am normally not a writer, this is so weird for me…. But do enjoy.
Also.. I apologize for the tags of genre… I have no idea what I’m doing or what this really is TT_TT

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Let me fall

Title: let me fall
artist: changminie
rating: p13 because of the suggestive theme
Pair: Yunjae
genre: Romance

If this is love
Then let me fall
Disguise yourself as Heaven
And let me fall
For only if I fall for you
I'll know how to fly.

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Title: Seductive
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: ohm... hint of smut? Romance
Rating: PG13
Note: Just a little something.

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Skin and Bones fanart PART 2

Title: Skin and Bones fanart PART 2
Artist: changminie
original author: abbysidian
Pairing: YunJae
Rate: PG - PG13. (it really depends on how sensitive you are to 1 torso.. lol)
CLAIM AND DISCLAIM: this is FANART inspired by the fic "skin and bones". The fanart is created by ME, and I do NOT accept sharing of it without my permissing. The FANFIC does NOT belong to me. I have recieved permissing from the original author. Link to the fic is in the post!

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SO! my muse has been down for quite some time, and somehow my hands havn't really been working like I want them to XD
A lovely lovely lovely fic called "Skin and Bones" by abbysidian has brought me back on track!
If you havn't read it yet, I suggest you do so! It's really good, wellwritten and has a very fresh plot.
Anywho pikachu...
Please do read the A/N's under every piece/sketch.

skin and bone profile
A/N: I'm playing with manga style lately. In my mind the story is somewhere in the Joseon era. BUT it could be anywhere actually. But to me it just adds to a magical feeling.
I couldn't quite decide on Jaejoong's appereance though. But please comment on how you imagen both Jaejoong and Yunho (young as well as grown up) Is it very different? very the same? Somewhere in between?

2. The creation
A/N: This piece is sort of a comic stripe/ visual storyboard. It's one of my favorite scenes. I know the colours are quite the opposites of what is stated in the fic. But I chose warm colors and a golden shine to give it more warmth, considering what kind of feeling the Grandmother is trying to show. It also worked better visually, since the original colours became quite dark and sort of scarry when I tried them out. Sorry...

3. Please make a butterfly

hyung and dongsaeng

blue butterfly

A/N: The child-version of Yunho and especially Jaejoong has captivated me, since I've had so much freedom to imagen how they grew up together. And I am really hoping to know more about it, since it's so freaking cute and asdfg >.<

4. Bonus sketch
skin and bone
A/N: not much to say. Bonus sketch :P trying to copy the Joseon hat >/////<

SO.. what do ya think?!?!!??

twitter: @LeeBbeunee33
Tumblr: LeeBbeunee
DA: LeeBbeunee

Yunho vs. Changmin: I still trust you

I still trust you

"I still trust you -"

Changmin turned his eyes back on him. He was already guilt ridden, but somehow still strangly angered with his raging friend.

"- But don't you dare neglect that trust."

"I would never.." He tried to defend himself. But his speach was quickly cut short by Yunho's fierce stare.
He looked down on his beautifully captured portrait. "It's.. just a drawing hyung."

"Both you and I know that's not true Changmin."

Of course Changmin knew. Why had he so hopelessly believed he was in his right to capture those big, bright, loving eyes? Though he might have hoped they were meant for him, he should have reminded himself; they belonged to someone else.

Save Your Kisses for Me

Title: Save Your Kisses for Me
Artist: changminie
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG.. it's pretty harmless
Genre: Romance and fluffaaaayyyy

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Request: Morning Scene

Title: Morning Love
Artist: changminie
Rating: P-13
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: fluff, romance

A morning scene was requested by the lovely jaerin17
It might not be totally what you had in mind, but I hope it will satisfy you anyway <3

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